Premium SALT SWITCH Electronic Cigarettes

Premium SALT SWITCH Electronic Cigarettes

Premium SALT SWITCH Electronic CigarettesSALT SWITCH vape pod is a disposable electronic cigarette based on salt nicotine. The original devices are distinguished by premium quality. The variety of tastes and aesthetic appearance will appeal to many modern men and women.
The company “SALT FR” offers potential partners to obtain the official status of distributor of the best disposable electronic cigarette SALT SWITCH. Our office is located in Nice, France. We are successfully operating in the direction of small and large wholesale.
We conclude official contracts with legal entities and individuals, providing for the enumeration of all stages of cooperation, rights and obligations of the parties.
Contact our specialists on the submitted contacts, and get a favorable commercial offer from SALT FR. At the request of the client, we post on our Internet resource important information about the current outlet in the vape niche.

Features of salt disposable SALT SWITCH cigarettes

Electronic cigarette is already a fully equipped device, ready for use. In order for the cigarette to start working, it is enough to take it out of the package and take the first puff.
In the lower part of the case, you will see how the indicator lights up. This means that the vape has switched to automatic operation mode. When you stop inhaling and the air does not pass through the mouthpiece, the cigarette turns off.
The battery inside is designed for 450 puffs and is not subject to re-charging. Inside there is a capsule with a volume of 2 ml., which contains an aromatic liquid. Under the influence of an atomizer, it heats up, and with the help of an evaporator, an aromatic steam is formed, the taste of which you enjoy.
A distinctive feature of the disposable electronic cigarette is the fact that no harmful gorenje products are released during vaping. That is why many people prefer disposable electronic cigarettes to traditional tobacco.
The shape of the device is laconic, the design is modern and sophisticated, so the disposable vape pen is a fashion accessory for many. The products are quite popular in many countries of the world among people of different ages.

Characteristics of electronic cigarettes SALT SWITCH

Liquid electronic cigarette of the proposed brand gives true pleasure to taste buds, as the line of flavors presents luxurious tastes, from traditional tobacco to exotic fruit flavor and unique combinations.
The body of the electronic cigarette is made of durable material and is so well thought out structurally that it guarantees protection from liquid leakage from the inside. You can not be afraid to take salt switch electronic cigarette with you, and carry it in your pocket, as the device adequately withstands mild mechanical influences.

Wholesale of disposable SALT SWITCH cigarettes

The SALT FR company cooperates with partners from Italy, Germany, Ireland, Kazakhstan, England and many other countries. We also sell SALT SWITCH products in France through tobacco shops, retail outlets and through gas stations.
If you decide to order wholesale SALT SWITCH electronic cigarettes, you can do it online on our website. We carry out both one-time deliveries and on an ongoing basis.
Best disposable pod allows you to enjoy your chosen taste every day and effortlessly, have fun whenever you want with SALT SWITCH electronic cigarettes!

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