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Choosing an e-cigarette can be quite difficult. Nowadays there are many models of different manufacturers on the market, one of the most popular are WideWick e-cigarettes.

Our company is the official distributor of the manufacturer, which is why we offer affordable prices for high quality products and prompt delivery worldwide.

You can order WideWick e-cigarettes at any convenient time through our website. If necessary, our managers will provide detailed advice and help you with the registration of the purchase.


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Disposable electronic cigarettes are simple and easy to use. To use a cigarette it is enough to take a puff and the device is activated. In practice there is such a concept as MTL (tight) or DL (loose) puff.

Many users prefer the MTL (Mouth To Lung) puff style, which means puffing from mouth to lung. This is the classic inhalation familiar to some people who have previously purchased regular tobacco cigarettes.

If you first draw vapor into your mouth and then inhale it into your lungs, this style is recommended for regular vapers. DL (from English direct lung) means direct drawing of vapor into the lungs. In this case, the vapor is drawn directly into the lungs, similar to hookahs. It is used to create a large amount of vapor and get the best flavor.

Would you like to order WideWick e-cigarettes with delivery? We will be glad for mutually beneficial cooperation. Transportation of the offered units is carried out to any part of the world through trusted carriers.


The advantages of vaping over regular cigarettes:

  1. An integral part of smoking is bad breath and a general odor that sticks not only to your body, but also to your clothes, furniture, and so on. For some people, especially non-smokers, this fact can be very discouraging. An e-cigarette will get rid of this problem. Since it is only vapor, you will have no problem with the smell of cigarettes.
  1. Fewer chemicals.

Cigarettes contain large amounts of chemicals (methanol, nicotine, arsenic, benzene, butane, carbon monoxide, and among other things, tar, which can lead to some unpleasant diseases).

Vaping is the inhalation of small amounts of chemicals, so it is somewhat safer for the human body. Studies conducted by the Royal College of Physicians and Public Health in England have shown that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than tobacco.

  1. Cigarette prices are constantly rising, so vaping is becoming an increasingly popular and affordable option among men and women of all ages.
  1. Relatively harmless to others.

By smoking cigarettes, you are not only endangering yourself, but also your surroundings. E-cigarettes do not contain any extremely harmful or carcinogenic substances, so they pose virtually no danger to the health of those around you.

Want to get a lot of pleasure from vaping? Then you should buy WideWick e-cigarettes at a reasonable price in our company. We are aimed at long and fruitful work. Specify WideWick e-cigarettes delivery region when you make a purchase. We cooperate with private individuals and legal entities.

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