Please return the e-cigarette to the place it was purchased, where it will be exchanged right away. If there are any problems, please contact us directly.

You should be able to find special Salt recycling boxes in shops where our products are sold. In case these boxes are hard to find, use regular battery recycling boxes or other places, where discarded electronics are accepted. In no case should e-cigarettes be discarded together with regular trash!

It depends heavily on the user, but in general a single e-cigarette should last you as long as one to two traditional cigarette packs.

It depends on the frequency of your puffs and their duration. It is like a glass of water, you can drink it right away or extend this process for a longer period of time – it all depends on how you approach it. In general one Salt e-cigarette will last for 450 puffs. Per EU regulations, the maximum amount of eliquid in a disposable e-cigarette is capped at 2ml, which directly translates to the amount of puffs available.

We use the highest quality ingredients for our e-liquids: medical grade nicotine, food grade flavourings, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol.

Our e-cigarettes are designed by our engineers in Europe and are manufactured in China.

While not harmless, major public health practitioners, anti-smoking NGO’s and regulators around the world recognize vaping as being far less harmful than smoking: 95% less harmful, according to Public Health England. This is because the major toxicants in cigarette smoke are created by combustion, while e-cigarettes vaporize. Learn more.

Smoking combustible cigarettes involves the burning of dried tobacco leaves to create an inhalable smoke, and it’s that burning that creates the toxicants that lead to illness, disease and death. While both vaping and smoking can deliver nicotine, it is the smoke created by the burning of dried tobacco leaves that causes the formation of toxic, cancer-causing tar. As Michael Russell, a research scientist and a pioneer in the study of tobacco dependence once said: “people smoke for nicotine but they die from the tar”. Vaping does not involve combustion, but instead aerosolizes a liquid, which makes a fundamental difference. Vaping, although not harmless, does not produce tar, and according to Public Health England, is estimated to be 95% less harmful than combustible tobacco. Learn more.

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