French Puff electronic cigarettes

French Puff electronic cigarettes

Disposable electronic cigarettes appeared not so long ago, however, they have already managed to gain popularity. They are chosen by both vaping enthusiasts and those who have recently been fond of smoking. If you are still thinking about whether it is worth switching to modern vaping devices, then you should understand the features of vaping and smoking.

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Liquid composition of disposable electronic cigarettes

Technical wisdom fades into the background, especially when it comes to electronics. The main thing that a bather feels is steam and taste, formed from a liquid, which consists of the following components:

  1. Propylene glycol is a substance known to mankind for a long time, so we can say with confidence that it does not cause any harm to the body. In e-cigarettes, propylene glycol is essential for flavor transfer.
  2. Glycerin – this component can be found even in the food industry and cosmetology, which also indicates its safety. In disposable e-cigarettes, the substance is responsible for the formation of vapor.
  3. Flavorings – it is these components that provide the smell and taste of e-cigarettes. For vapes, food flavorings are used, which also do no harm. Here you need to be attentive to people prone to allergies, because some components can give an individual reaction.

Probably, some already have a question about nicotine. Yes, it is present in disposable electronic cigarettes. At the same time, it is important to note that nicotine salt is used in electronic cigarettes, which satisfies nicotine hunger much faster.

It may seem that if tobacco and electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, then there is not much difference in them, in terms of health. But, the main problem with conventional cigarettes is that their smoke contains harmful tar.

However, their concentration is quite high. Resins settle in the bronchi and lungs, it is they who provoke coughing and serious health problems. In electronic cigarettes, such harmful components are completely absent.

Benefits of French Puff Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Disposable electronics have a lot of advantages, three main ones can be distinguished:

  • the best replacement for a traditional cigarette – disposable vapes are as similar in size and design to a tobacco product as possible;
  • simplicity – reusable box mods scare away many beginners with their complexity, they need to be able to refuel and care for them. In an electronic cigarette, everyone just wanted to soar – soar, it’s over – buy a new one;
  • ergonomics – compact dimensions allow you to always take the e-cigarette with you, it will fit in any pocket of clothing and even a small bag.

Buying French Puff electronic cigarettes means appreciating all the advantages of the devices! We are focused on a profitable and fruitful partnership for both parties.

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